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Think about the Small Things-Help your photographer out by trying your best to be mindful of the setting of your photos. A good photographer and videographer can make any space look beautiful, but help them out by removing as many obstacles as possible. Here are three really easy ways to do that:


Don’t Forget To Eat And Drink: When we are stressed and busy, we forget to eat. Make sure your bridesmaids are bringing you water and checking in on you to make sure you are at least snacking all day, or else it will catch up to you. If you’re worried about missing out on special moments or not getting the chance to see everyone, keep in mind, that you’ll be fed first, and that when you’re done eating, the guests will still be sitting at their table, and you and your husband can visit each table and greet all of your guests. Don’t rush! Enjoy your meal! You certainly paid enough for it


 Share the timeline: Send your timeline to your photographer, videographer, coordinator, bridal party and immediate family. Make sure your friends and family know when to be ready for photos and the ceremony.


I know this sounds corporate, to have a hand over meeting. However, if you have an offbeat wedding, you may need to pass the reins over to someone else earlier than you think you need to. In most of our cases, we have someone in our lives we can trust and who has been part of the planning process with you every step of the way.  However, they were still sort of on the periphery until the day you sit down with them (about two weeks before the wedding) and go through a very detailed, exhaustive document with all your thoughts about how the day will run.


Take a moment during your reception to go to the corner of your wedding venue and watch everyone you love celebrating your union!


Hair & Makeup Trial

 You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day! It breaks my heart when my brides don’t feel drop dead gorgeous and confident. Make sure to schedule a consultation with your hair and makeup artist before your wedding and work out the kinks to make sure you look exactly how you want. Keep in mind that even if the makeup feels cakey and more dramatic than the way you usually wear it, it will photograph well.