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Prep your bridal prep area

 As you start the wedding day prep, there’s a good chance you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done when I arrive, so I don’t want to bother you with questions day-of. As a result, can you assign a bridesmaid to show me where the items you would like photos of.  

Examples are:
Wedding dress, Wedding shoes, Garter, Jewelry, Purse, Perfume, Personalized hanger, Wedding invitation, Wedding rings Bouquet, Note/gift for the groom, Handkerchief, Sentimental items (if applicable) 

It might be easier for you to arrange these items in a corner of a room, so the bridesmaid can simply point me to them and you can rest assured everything will be documented. Lastly, as your bridesmaids are dressing, can you ask them to keep the room tidy and clean? I know it can be hard with so many people getting ready, but having a clean and open space for you to dress in would be ideal and ensure you get gorgeous photos as a result! I’ll be there to help on the wedding day, but if everyone works together, I have no doubt you’ll
be very happy!