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Things to Remember



 This will be your one and only wedding, but for professionals in the industry, we’ve had experience in dealing with many difficult situations. We can help you calm your nerves.


 If you’ve been in a bridal party, you know that a bride and groom spend a majority of their wedding with their vendors. Like choosing the friends you want by your side on your wedding day, you want to choose vendors whose company you enjoy, whom you trust, and who will help your day be more fun and less stressful, rather than the other way around.


 Determine What’s Important: There are so many traditions and timelines and faux pas that at some point, the wedding industry decided we all have to accommodate and include when planning our nuptial celebration. From cake cutting to first dances to garters and bouquets to party favors. Lets be real– none of these things are detrimental to the real purpose of the day (for you and your babe to get married!) but they can certainly add an element of fun, but only if they mean something to you. To make this process more focused and meaningful,  It is your day, and you and your fiancé get to choose what is a priority :) Let those things get the majority of the wedding budget, time and effort, and if there’s room for the other stuff, great! However, focus on the stuff you are excited about first, and then see what else you feel like fitting in 


Personalize your wedding: The beautiful thing about the wedding industry evolving is that weddings are becoming so unique and a chance for the couples to express their personal style. Think about what is special and meaningful to you and your fiancé as a couple. Make your wedding memorable by staying authentic to who you two are as a couple :)


Coordinator: A lot of venues come with on-site coordinators. Make sure you know their role and what they are doing day of. Ensure that the coordinator has met your photographer, videographer, DJ, and caterer on the day of so that everyone is on the same page regarding the timeline and who is responsible for what. If you do not have an on-site coordinator, consider hiring a day-of coordinator to take care of all the details and to help things go smoothly. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is working ;)


 I do not know who you are, but I guarantee you are loved by many people! Many brides have trouble delegating tasks, either because we have a very specific vision and trust we will execute it best, or because we do not want to trouble our friends and family. However, people that love you want to help! Think about the close people in your life and their specific strengths and ask if they will take that task off your hands. Likewise, don’t expect every bridesmaid or family member to be as helpful as the next. Different people have different strengths! One friend may be able to single-handedly coordinate the entire event, while another may be better suited to do the penmanship on the invites, while another yet may be in charge of keeping you fed all day. Whatever it is, embrace the strengths of the people closest to you, and let them be helpful in the ways that they can.


 Get Things Done In Advance: Booking “big” stuff such a coordinator and photographer right away will help you feel productive. What stresses us out is the little things—the details. We’re bound to have hiccups during the engagement process, but keeping up and working as a team with your fiancé will help the sanity ;)


 Weddings are one day…marriage is what’s forever.  It is not about the process of getting married, it’s about the fact that at the end of the day you will “be married,” and that is what is really beautiful. Your weddings should be a reflection of our individual styles and an expression of how you feel about your partner, friends, and family. Soak up the day and take a lot of mental snapshots- it goes by quickly. But if you make it truly “you,” , it will be the most special, magical and glorious day of your life!